Screwed - A prison Story

Gabrielle Townsend is looking for a tree change. He quits his stable job at a bank and moves to the country to take up a position at Mingalo prison. But when he gets there he soon realises that there is a destructive working culture that threatens to suck him in and make him just another one of the boys.


Gabe has some tough choices to make about how far he’s willing to go to fit into this new environment. He’ll need to learn to deal with more than just prisoners if he wants to make it working on the inside. Join Gabe as he learns that sometimes the people who are meant to be on your side, can be the most dangerous of all.


 Inspired by the authors real life experiences working in one of Australia’s prisons. Screwed is a tale of toxic work culture, prisons and how the best intentions can go horribly wrong on the inside of this bizarre world. 

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