How Reviews help Independent Authors

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For me, writing a review for a book I’ve just read can be a daunting task, especially if it’s already got a lot of reviews or no reviews at all. If it’s a contentious book that I liked, sometimes I can even find myself agreeing with aspects of the negative reviews. But leaving a review for an independent author is extremely helpful, for the following reasons;

Reviews show social proof. If a book has a large number of reviews, people are more likely to take a chance and grab it for themselves. I know it works on me.

Reviews, as well as purchases, will teach the algorithms (especially at Amazon) the kind of people who might like the book and will show it to them. This helps generate generic sales, which for an independent author is about as good as it gets.

Reviews provide feedback for the author to get better and to know their audience’s expectations better.

Leaving a review shows that you cared enough about the book to take time out of your day to put your opinion forward. Speaking from experience, this can be a huge boost to an author’s dwindling writer’s ego.

So, thank you to everyone who has ever left a review on one of my books. I read them all and take every single one seriously. In fact, the reason I rewrote my book Attention Span was based on reader feedback.

I look forward to reading your review soon.

Thanks again,


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