Screwed - A Prison Story


Screwed – A Prison Story

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Inspired by the author’s real life experiences working within one of Victoria, Australia’s prisons. Screwed is a tale of toxic work culture, prisons and how the best intentions can go horribly wrong on the inside of this bizarre world.

The author takes you on an insiders journey into the heart of this dark and disturbing world, where the moto is “fit-in or fuck off.” Join Gabe Townsend as he discovers that sometimes those who are meant to be on your side, can be the most dangerous of all.




2 reviews for Screwed – A Prison Story

  1. Julianne

    Couldn’t put it down! As a reader I experienced a new world through the eyes of Gabrielle, who is far braver than anyone I know, shedding the safety of familiar surrounds to embark a journey that is…. well… hard to describe (unless you’re the author)! Put this one on the top of every ‘must read’ list.

  2. Nick

    A witty and candid insight into a world I previously knew nothing about. The protagonist finds themselves in an environment that is both alien and starkly familiar of the sort of summer job you’ve worked in where everyone else has been there for too long. I enjoyed the pacing and Mr. Hart’s writing is dry humoured and relaxed providing some easy holiday reading.

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